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I’m often asked how I got my start in the knitted beaded purse business.  My mother made and gave me my first knitted beaded purse as a birthday present.   She had a friend teach her, and she in turn taught me to make my first amulet bag.

I managed to design some purses of my own.   First by imitating antique purses found in appraisal books.  Then, drawing, sketching, and finally knitting new designs named after friends and family.

After a few years of trying to sell my purses at various art fairs,  I resolved to teaching others to make the purses.  First from the dining room in our home and then expanding into a remodeled  garage.  I now teach 5 classes per week. I  truly enjoy the time spent with the women who come to learn this art. 

Thank you to the many people who have encouraged and helped me to grow my business to where it is today.  First starting with my mom who introduced me to the art, all the way to the many customers who have become close personal friends and the wholesalers who have shared their knowledge, guiding me along the way.  Thank You Everyone!  

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